We direct the attention of our Vrijemarkt visitors to the following notices and additional information:

Admittance € 3,-

  • Free admittance to the Indoor Vrijemarkt Houthalen for those attending physically and/or mentally challenged people.
  • The Vrijemarkt provides excellent access for the handicapped and wheelchair users.
  • FREE parking at one of three parking lots.
  • Handicapped parking spaces are at parking lot P1.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed. We make an exception for personal service dogs and seeing-eye dogs.
  • There are First Aid stations at the Entrance (ticket office) and at the Food Court. All lost and found items are collected at the Market Office. Come to the Ticket Office if you have found an item or lost something.
  • A PIN / Bancontact machine is located at the Vrijemarkt Food Court information desk.
  • Ask Market Office, Ticket Office or other staff if you have lost sight of your child. Parent and child are reunited at the Market Office.
  • Fun prizes are raffled among visitors each market day end on the basis of the number of your admittance ticket. So save your ticket!