Stand Keepers


Want to rent a stand or space at the Indoor Vrijemarkt Expo Kelchterhoef?

Rent a stand for a day, a weekend, or for a longer period.You have a choice of several stand types where you may display both new and used products, come discuss the options.

You are obviously free to rent more than one stand.  You can also rent a retail unit to serve as your permanent location.

Want to rent your stand or unit? These are the possible procedures.

Step 1: booking
There are four booking methods:

  • In person, during market days at the info desk.
  • Via telephone, number +32 (0)4 71 87 15 88.
  • Via email, email address
  • Or use the form below.

Step 2: confirm your booking
Book in person or via telephone and know immediately if space is available.

If no space is available immediately then you are put on a waiting list and the Market Manager will contact you as soon as space is available. The same procedure is followed when you book online.

Step 3: during the market day
Present yourself at the Market Office on the agreed Sunday morning. On ‘regular’ market days you are welcome from 07:00 to 08:00 hours.  You pay your Stand Fee and are assigned a space.

Waiting List
Waiting time greatly depends on time of year. You place on the waiting list depends on your application date and the product type(s) you wish to sell.
For specific information on waiting time please telephone the Market Manager via +32 (0)89 71 40 61 or +32 (0)4 71 87 15 88 Mondays from 09:00 to 16:00 hours.

Book a Stand


1 day

4 weeks


6 months

Stand 100x100

€ 12.50

€ 11.50

€ 10.50

€ 9.50

Stand 250x100

€ 22.50

€ 21.50

€ 20.00

€ 18.50

End Stand

€ 25.00

€ 23.50

€ 22.00

€ 20.50

Outside Stand

€ 2.85/m2




All prices are inclusive of VAT

Retail Unit

€ 6.50/m2 for 3 months

€ 6.25/m2 for 6 months

€ 6.00/m2 for 12 months


Hospitality Unit

By application



Power € 2.50 per market day for stand keepers with stands.
Retail Units receive 10 Amp for € 10.00.

Vrijemarkt grounds offer various advertising opportunities. Advertise for a modest fee and piggyback along with the success of the Vrijemarkt. Ask the Market Manager about the options.


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